My name is Billy Jack Purnell.  I'm a husband, father, and small business owner. I am also an emerging artist from Jefferson City, MO.  I was raised in the small town of Clarksburg MO. At 16 I was in a car accident and during my recovery I taught myself to write and play. I began creating originals from my personal life experiences. Somehow it got out and the response was overwhelming. 

My music isn't confined to any one genre & I believe it's relate-ability & honest sound is what allows the music to continue to gain new fans. After building a strong fan base & becoming a staple in the Central Missouri music scene; I re-invented the sound. Moving from a solo artist to forming the band Plain & Simple. Many fans had come to recognize the moniker due to early releases under this title. Performing an event in Lohman MO. I reconnected with Charles Wall & Casey Seymour in 2017. The two childhood friends I hadn't seen since we were teens.

Charles & Casey were in a band at the time with Quentin Davis & Josh Arthur. In the week following the event at The Lomo Club the guys & I met up & discussed a new project. We had all really enjoyed the projects past & the friends made along the way. However we agreed there was something in the music that could benefit from this group. For myself the music I had created & needed more. The guys were immediately on board as they had a desire to create & foster original music.

October 2017 Plain & Simple was founded with the following members. Billy Jack Purnell lead vocals & rhythm guitar, Casey Seymour back up vocals & lead guitar, Charles Wall lead/rhythm guitar, Quentin Davis bass guitar & Sir Josh "king" Arthur  percussion. We sat down with Michelle Brooks of The California Democrat for the band's first interview Sat January 6th 2018. the interview & article is kicking off promo for the band in our local area.

Summer 2018 the band recorded  an eight track album at Centro Cellar Studios in Columbia MO. with Will Reeves. The album would be called Plain & Simple Past, Present, & Future. The title fitting the albums old, & new material. The release is a milestone for the band being the first recording of these specific tracks in full band production. 

In October 2018  after heavily performing the Central Missouri area, Quentin Davis, under great support from the rest of us  parted ways seeking other ventures. Soon after we recruited  Bill Klingsick on bass.

January 2019, opened with the dissolving of the band. However unfortunate it also saw birth to Plain & Simple as a duo. Myself on rhythm guitar & lead vocal, Charles W. Wall on lead guitar. 

After about a year & a half of heavy touring the area & surrounding area Charles & I parted ways. My  wife & I became guardians of my one year old grandson May of 2020. That put me on the bench so to speak. Charles gained a drive geared towards songwriting. He became more focused on developing those skills than playin leads to my originals. Still sending out well wishes for much success! 

I've taken things back to the roots & run solo these days. I performed the Ozark Amphitheater Sept 25th 2021 & it was a blessing to check that one off the bucket list. It was great seeing the fans in the seats still supporting the music. I'm bringin new tunes, a new focus, & havin fun this time.

It's my primary focus to create the best original music I can compose for my fans. I hope to see 2022 help bring this music to the world......Billy Jack Purnell Plain & Simple