Billy Jack Purnell - Plain & Simple "LIVE" @ Country Fan Jam 2015!! 

Country Fan Jam 2015 is a Family-Fun, Fan-Driven 4 day music experience. Why you might ask, because “THE FANS RULE” Which is the Country FanJam Experience! The Country FanJam will be held July 1th through the 14th at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, Tennessee where it was held so many years before. The entertainment line up will be the music FANS love from the Icons, & Legends from 80's 90's. and early 2000's, and the newest Emerging Artists in Country Music today. Over 200 Country Music Artists will take the stage over a 4 day period. All the Music and Artists you fell in love with over the years & the best Country Music you've never heard from new emerging artists all in
one place at a Blue Collar Price!!!

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