We are an emerging band from Jefferson City MO. We offer an original sound & original songs written & derived from REAL life experience. Music written honest & openly about addiction, troubled times, relationships, & life both good & bad; often with a sense of humor. We pride ourselves on creating tunes our fans can relate to & more importantly FEEL. Looking for a sound different from the bands playing what you hear in your car everyday? You’ve found us........Plain & Simple....Read more 

Plain & Simple 2018 Finalists!

Billy Jack Purnell’s rural Missouri life has taken some ups, downs and sideways turns. Through it all, he has chronicled his experiences in song. Purnell is now among 50 unsigned artists in the Tunesmith Entertainment Nashville Draft.
Jefferson City News Tribune

The title " Plain & Simple" fits the music well. Purnell has a nice rollicking Americana guitar sound with some catchy melodies. Purnell's rhythmic guitar work & scratchy vocals give the record a blue collar feel, & has managed to create a nice balance. Twangville

Billy Jack Purnell a.k.a. Plain & Simple is a down to earth kind of guy from Central Missouri.  His newest CD Bipolar 101 is a collection of songs written about country life sung with passion and accompanied by an acoustic guitar. 
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