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Plain & Simple Live @ Royal 66

Royal 66 , 4063 US-62, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Plain & Simple will be playing out of state at Royal 66! With this being the first show in Arkansas, make sure to come out and show some love!

Plain & Simple Live @ Norfork Brewing Company

Norfork Brewing Co, 13980 AR-5, Norfork, Arkansas

Plain & Simple will be playing at Norfork Brewing Co in Norfork Arkansas! Any and all fans from the area, make sure to come out and jam with us!

Apple Fest Success 


The Old Thyme Apple Festival was a HUGE success. With over $200 in merch sales and multiple fans showing love, we couldn't have asked for a better turn out! Without YOU this wouldn't be possible. Thank you Plain & Simple fans for yet another great show!

New Album "Songs of Love, Pain, & Sweet Mary Jane" Pre-Order October 17th 

Plain & Simple's new album "Songs of Love, Pain, & Sweet Mary Jane" will be available for pre-order on October 17th! Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen! 

Don't want to wait to get yours in hand? Come out to any of our upcoming shows to receive a FAN DISCOUNT and get your hard copy! Plain & Simple's next show performance will be THIS SUNDAY from 10-2 pm at the Old Thyme Apple Fest! 

Visit our website for more details!

Gumbo Bottoms and Rose Music Hall 

We knocked out some killer performances over the weekend! If you didn't get a chance to come out and see us, we have more shows coming! All new merch available and CD on the way!


The most recent Plain & Simple T's are now limited edition t's and have been reduced in price and now available autographed upon request. Fact is, They are going faster than we can keep stocked. The good news is, we have a brand new design on the way! You want to get your limited edition now before they're gone!


As far as the autographs, with any luck you can sell on Ebay one day and buy a car! ;)

Koozie Pre-Sale Has Ended 

Thank you everyone who got in on the pre-sale, order's are being shipped today! Koozies are still available online and can be purchased physically at any of our shows! Plain & Simple fans kick ass!!!

Plain & Simple Koozies 

"Plain & Simple: Songs of Love, Pain, & Sweet Mary Jane" koozies now AVAILABLE AND ON SALE for PRE-ORDER; online only! Head over to our Merch page for more details! 

These koozies were designed to be just that, plain & simple, while also reflecting our new album! We've worked really hard to get new merch available to the fan's and are proud to say we have now have t-shirts, stickers, and these awesome koozies! Make sure to get your beer/wine sleeves ON SALE TODAY!

Damian Bunting of The Pyramid Podcast sets in with Plain & Simple 

"Plain & Simple dropped by the Pyramid and cranked out an awesome set, shared some stories, and definitely made some fans! Check out this latest episode of The Pyramid Podcast, and please, if you do nothing else.... give these guys a follow"- Damian Bunting

Plain & Simple Now On Pandora 

Fans! "Acousticueticals" & "Bipolar 101" are now live on Pandora radio!! You can now search artist name "Plain & Simple", album title, or song title!

On demand streaming &station options will be available very soon! Pandora is working their magic as we speak. Search, share, & help get other FANS keep they're eyes open & thumbs ups ready!

Don't forget to get on our website and check out our new merch, upcoming shows, and album teaser video! 

Plain & Simple Songs of Love, Pain, & Sweet Mary Jane Album Teaser 

We've been busy! New album is recorded and will be mixed and ready for production soon! T-shirts and stickers are available for purchase now, koozies and new albumn on the way! We've added shows to the calendar with some out of state shows on the horizon! Check our Youtube Channel for an albumn teaser as well as our website for the new updates! 

"Porch Lights" music video on the way!

Catch the FIRST EVER Plain & Simple Interview!! 

The guys & I set down with Michelle Brooks of The California Democrat Jan 2nd for their first EVER interview as a band. Over a hot cup of coffee at Dunn Bros in Jefferson city MO. we discussed how we met, came to form the band & more! for the full article & interview visit Unexpected Reunion Becomes Perfect Musical Blend! I'm very proud to say the Jefferson City News Tribune picked up the story as well!





Thank You!! Nan Cassidy of Tunesmith Entertainment :
CONGRATULATIONS BILLY JACK PURNELL YOU HAVE BEEN CERTIFIED AS A MEMBER OF #NANSLIST in the Musical Talent Category! Please RT and have your friends share!!   #NANSLIST is a list of industry professionals ranging from singer/songwriters to publishers & performing artists, began by Nan Cassidy of Tunesmith Entertainment. I submitted some material for a prescreened audition & was selected!!!!! It is very difficult to obtain a spot on this list, & I am very proud to say that I have a home on #NANSLIST.
"Many have caled his style country, but he prefers
the term "plain & simple" & with his lyrics has said
if he was country it would probably fall under the
outlaw brand."

"The title"Plain & Simple" fits the music well.
Purnell has a nice rollicking Americana guitar
sound with some catchy melodies. Purnell's rythmic
guitar work & scratchy vocals give the record a blue
collar feel, Purnell has managed to create a nice balance."

"A lot of people relate to the words of his music, they find similarities
in their on life situations." " When you write about your life, every day
is a new song, every event is something to write about."
Billy Jack Purnell a.k.a. Plain & Simple is a down to earth kind of guy from Central Missouri. His newest CD Bipolar 101 is a collection of songs written about country life sung with passion and accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Songs about fishing, camping, and even one about drunk chicks!
Check out Plain & Simple's website at and you can purchase his new CD Bipolar 101 on CD Baby or (