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Back in the game…

Sept 17th was the first show I had in over a year. It was a happy hour spot I was glad to have. Felt great getting back at it. New energy & new tunes! 

Sept 25th, I finally checked

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We hit 3,000 likes on Facebook!



You have NO idea how appreciative we are. In today’s world ,unfortunately, your social popularity actually matters. Us independent guys are looked at for about 30 seconds when getting picked…

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Plain & Simple had an amazing weekend in Mountain Home, AR on Friday night and Norfork, AR on Saturday night! The fans simply blew us away with all the love and support that was offered. Not only did we gain

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Apple Fest Success


The Old Thyme Apple Festival was a HUGE success. With over $200 in merch sales and multiple fans showing love, we couldn't have asked for a better turn out! Without YOU this wouldn't be possible. Thank you Plain & Simple

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Thank You!! Nan Cassidy of Tunesmith Entertainment :
CONGRATULATIONS BILLY JACK PURNELL YOU HAVE BEEN CERTIFIED AS A MEMBER OF #NANSLIST in the Musical Talent Category! Please RT and have your friends share!!   #NANSLIST is a list of industry professionals ranging from singer/songwriters to publishers & performing artists, began by Nan Cassidy of Tunesmith Entertainment. I submitted some material for a prescreened audition & was selected!!!!! It is very difficult to obtain a spot on this list, & I am very proud to say that I have a home on #NANSLIST.
"Many have caled his style country, but he prefers
the term "plain & simple" & with his lyrics has said
if he was country it would probably fall under the
outlaw brand."

"The title"Plain & Simple" fits the music well.
Purnell has a nice rollicking Americana guitar
sound with some catchy melodies. Purnell's rythmic
guitar work & scratchy vocals give the record a blue
collar feel, Purnell has managed to create a nice balance."

"A lot of people relate to the words of his music, they find similarities
in their on life situations." " When you write about your life, every day
is a new song, every event is something to write about."
Billy Jack Purnell a.k.a. Plain & Simple is a down to earth kind of guy from Central Missouri. His newest CD Bipolar 101 is a collection of songs written about country life sung with passion and accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Songs about fishing, camping, and even one about drunk chicks!
Check out Plain & Simple's website at and you can purchase his new CD Bipolar 101 on CD Baby or (