Billy Jack Purnell - Plain & Simple "LIVE" 

FANS out there who were hoping for a close & LOCAL show.....WISH GRANTED!! Thanks to my booking agent Dustin Lawler & Scott & Kendra Spectators Barr in Jefferson City, Missouri this Saturday Billy Jack Purnell Plain & Simple will be perfo...rming "LIVE" @ 9:00 PM!!! Hear hits "Fishin" "Pench" & "Last Name" recently aired on Clear 99 & 94.3 KAT Countryry!!! As well as more off the albums Plain & Simple Acousticueticals & Plain & Simple Bipolar 101!! Tunes like "Simmons" "Whore House" "Synacl" & "The Pig Song" ALL available on I-tunes & most digital retailers!! Hope to see ALL there for a night of Moniteau Outlaw down home music!!!!!

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