KeepingTHE FANS updated!

It's important to me to keep you caught up on the latest. I can't begin to express how thankful I am to have so many supporting this music. It's beyond me how something that began in a town with more cows than people has literally reached ears internationally. In my opinion that's due to God & FANS! So thank you from the bottom. Here's what's going on now.
I recently interviewed with Michelle Brooks, a reporter for The Jefferson City MO. News Tribune & California MO. Democrat. The interview should run soon & I will post the exact release date as it comes in.
  I've recently submitted tracks to The Iceman Radio show & The Shelley Justine Show, both air on & are nationally syndicated. I've also submitted to Just 4 Fun Radio, a Georgia based station. Find them on Facebook & at As soon as I have confirmation of what tunes receive airplay I'll share with all when you can catch them & how to make requests!
  Finally, as most know I'm a full time working husband & father. It's impossible to push the music proper when most of my time is spent at the day job & with my family. With that said I've reached out & currently in talks with a few management companies. I've taken this music as far as I can on my own. I feel with a strong management team behind me, the possibilities of where this music can go are limitless. Again, I will let all know if & when I end up working with anyone.

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