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  1. Testify
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"Testify" was written & inspired by reconnecting with my wife. However I didn't know that at the time. I wrote this song before we reconnected, to a fictional idea of the wife I wanted but didn't have. Knowing she was out there, that she existed. I looked at my past relationships & myself. My choices in partners & decisions. I realized then God would send me who he meant for me when I became the man "She" needed. He did & this tune means more to me than most. Being 20 years between when we met & reconnected.


I can't even begin to define, how you stumbled into this heart of mine, when I swore that I wouldn't love anybody.
We lost each other so long ago, & we've both traveled our own broken roads, you were workin on you & I was workin on me.
I play these shows & speak about me. All these tunes make my diary. Many pictures of this life that I've had.
I won't push you up against a wall, that wouldn't be fair to us at all.
There's something you need independently.
Here I set in the middle of the day, testifying now & screamin your name, Until the time is right & I'm what you need.
I'm gonna keep it inside, this love you own in me.
I'm gonna keep it inside, for you individually.
I'm gonna keep it inside___. till I'm what you need.